Shivaji Youth Foundation was founded by Mr. Bhaskar Naidu Mopuru, in the year of 2000 to contribute to the availability, quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of the blood and tissue supply for the citizens of India by developing and maintaining an efficient and strong collaboration amongst Indian blood and tissue services.

A statutory objective of the Shivaji Youth Foundation (SYF) is to increase public and professional awareness of voluntary and non-remunerated donation (VNRD) of blood and blood components, and of preparation of blood components as an indispensable therapeutic means to help patients..

1.To Establish,run and maintain components blood bank at nellore city to cater the health needs of public in SPSR in nellore district

2. To establish aphaeresis unit to meet the dengue fever abd other deseaus.

3. To establish and run Tallasseema Transfusion Centre.

4. To Provide Component for the poor Government Hospital at free of cost

5. To establish, run and Maintain Free diagnostic centre cum clinical lab at Nellore in order to provide services to the poor patients

6. to cater the educational needs of the students of there entire area of operation of the trust by starting educational institutions.

7. To establish, run and maintain spastic centre for disabled person care and support centre for HIV positive children.

8. To conduct free medical checkup camps, dental health care camps, blood donation camps, and clinical testing camps in both rural and urban areas.

9. To promote social marketing of condoms and other temporary methods among eligible couples to adopt necessary temporary methods of family planning.

10. To educate the adolescent boys and girls on physical changes, RTI,STI, HIV AND AIDS and other re productive health matters.

11. To Create avidness of HIV AND AIDS other conical diseases to public through taking of cultural camping’s , awareness , workshops and other activities.

12. To establish , run and maintain Bridge schools for street children’s, drop out children’s and never enrolled children and main storming the in regular education systems

13. To provide primary, secondary and college gate, technical, professional and teaching educational modern lines

14. To establish, run and mange Telugu and English medium schools , colleges and other educational institutions.

15. To establish similar colleges and the entire area of operations for impacting good education to the boys and girls without discrimination of cast, creed of color.

16 To establish and maintain education institutions professional and technological for the promotion of literature, arts, science and technology.

17. To award certificate and diplomas to students of various levels as well as to awards talented teachers and reorganization of their good works.

18. To establish, run and maintain occasional training institutions, technical training institutions and provide training to un employed youth in motor winding, cell phones mechanism , TV repairing computer software and hardware training, tailoring and embroidery and other trades in order to start their employment units as well as increase the employments and opportunities.

19. to Promote coaching centers and giving training and tailoring, embroidery, lace works , cane works, carpet weaving, core works printing and sprees and clothes, leaf plate making, match boxes, agarbatties, cottage and village industrial works, UTC to meet, women and children for self support and betterment of there leaving standards

20. to carryon philanthropic works for search as the windows , or phones , old age peoples , children of poor , helpless, and invalid parents by building orophonisers , old age home CTC and run well fare , lepers , blind and tripled.

21. To Establish Family counseling centers, legal aid centers and provide free legal services to the women harassed by others in any form.

22. To undertake charitable social welfare and community development activities including identification, treatment rehabitation of physically challenged and mentally retired on non profit bases.

23.To provide AIDS and applies to the disabled persons by mobilizing recourses from government and non government organizations to overcome from the disability.

26.To Establish temporary homes for children of broken homes short stay homes for destitute women and provided training for employable skills to them

27. to undertake activities and development schemes of government and quasi government and local government body’s for the over call development of poor

28. To asset organize, plant , co ordinate and undertake activities better related to the development and up liftment of rural artisans

29. To initiate and undertake programmed beamed necessary for the aviaries and development of the rural and urban poor women, youth and children .

30. To inculcate thrift habit among rural and urban women for Theair earnings and form them as self _helps groups and train them in book keeping , leadership qualities and management systems

31. To initiate internal learning among self to help groups to meet their emergency needs and their capital requirements to start incomes generating activities.

32. finally to do any all such other lawful acts as may be deemed necessary or conductive for the attainment of all the above objectives are any one of them all decided by the frost boart and general body from the time to time.