Over the years, Shivaji Youth Foundation has planted millions of trees across the country in collaboration with the Many NGOs , Schools, Universities, Corporate, and Villages etc. and has inspired thousands of people to take care of the environment. Native trees including shade trees, fruit trees and shrubs are a priority for preservation and conservation.

Education and awareness has always been a key feature of our work. Because no individual, company, NGO or government can solve the problem of environment degradation alone, it requires collaboration at a massive scale. Shivaji Youth Foundation thus, regularly conducts education and environment seminars in schools, colleges, institutions, corporate and communities.

Looking at the grim urban scenario, Shivaji Youth Foundation is coming up with innovative approaches to maximize urban green spaces involving individuals, as every green leaf makes a difference in fighting the havoc of urban pollution and smog. For rural areas, we are planning to promote natural farming techniques, permaculture, and cause of desi cows, gobar manure, composting, waste management, water management and intensive tree planting in form of green belts.